Plain Kevlar Fiber?

Hi all, just wanted to see if anyone has used Kevlar successfully , im sure its covered somewhere in the archives but thought id start a new topic:)

I have a small amount which id like to use and was going to laminate a deck with 4oz s cloth over the top ( cutlap) to avoid cutting it… Heard something about it not liking sun or uv but hoping for some info if anyone has used it?

shoulda looked , most questions answered:)


did you see the picture of the coil with kevlar on the bottom and its finboxes?

Make sure it doesn’t fuzz up when you sand it, quite uncomfortable.

Why Kevlar ? You need a reinforced blank too i think

That’s right kevlar don’t like UV. Except that you can make a really tough skin with kevlar. I used it under wood skin and in tint laminate. It’s something i will use again but need spécific scissor and low pressure vacuum bag lam is better, kevlar is light and float over resin.

Good stuff for deck impact under a skin…but too expensive.

Cheers guys, yeah no reason for kevlar its just i have had a bit lying around for a while so may use it on a bottom or under a coposite (timber) skin…

Wouter, i didnt see the pic you speak of , do you have a link?