Planer Blade sharpening

Who knows where to get (Hitachi) blades sharpened in the HB/Newport area?? Cant seem to locate anyone! Thanks!!

If you know any carpenters they will be able to let you know of a local spot. Any finish carpenter with expensive tools will know.

    Howzit nelmo, Check with your local hardware store as to where to get hand saws sharpened and the same place will most likely do planer blades. I built a house on Maui back in the mid 70's with all hand saws and the hardware store in Wailuku did all our saw blades. Aloha,Kokua

Hah! Kokua, All handsaws!?!? Did one arm get bigger than the other? I’ve heard stories from the oldtimers building houses before power tools. A sharp saw was paramount. A buddy of mine crewed his way around the world on sailboats and was stuck in New Zealand (N Zed) for awhile. He ran out of money and worked as a carpenter building homes. They would knock off everyday at 1:00 and sharpen everything by hand while cooling off with some brews. Not a bad way to end the day.

ps. Most hardware stores send out their sharpening. It’s cheaper to find the source especially today with rates skyrocketing. Getting a couple of 40-60 tooth blades nowadays will cost close to 80-90 bucks!!!

I can think of a LOT worse things than being “stuck in New Zealand”!.. :slight_smile:

Heh Heh, Yeah his “stranding” lasted almost a year and the authorities were starting to notice. From bad to worse, when he got back he went on a nationwide (rock & roll) tour as a guest with two brothers that he grew up with. You’ve heard of them for sure. Some guys just can’t get a break!

Send a pm to PeteC. Check in with Surfding. Go over to Bashams in San Clemente or

Contact PeteC, he's the man when it comes to planners.....repairs and parts , ect.......

One of the services provided nationwide by Woodcraft is assistance with blade sharpening.

Try the Orange County store;

They’ll usually have a contact if not provided directly.

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