Planer Chords

Looking to upgrade my planer a bit. Older model Bosch, firstly are conversion kits still available, if not we’re is a to purchase after-market chords, wanna add some.length. Secondly recently received a porter cable sander, wa curious if anyone knows of a thread adapter to use the female reciever on the sander, with the female reciever on a flexipad, I guess a male to mle 5/8? Thanks for the help.

Home Depot is a good source of various lengths of extension cords.      Choose your length, cut the female end off, and attach to the planer.        Also, a cord from a defunct vacuum cleaner works well too.      I’ve done both, in the past, with good results.

My favorite place to get cords is alley finds. Thrown away vacuum cleaners have some nice long cords. 

Thanks for the advice anyone have any ideas on that sander thread, or if the Bosch kits are still.available?

Jolly Man Sing-

Congrats on the new tools, I hope they are a fun addition to your process.

Without you providing the model number of your Bosch planer…

Without you providing the type or model number of your Porter Cable sander…

How is anyone here going to be able to tell you ‘this’ fits ‘that’?

You should be able to ‘Google’ your sander’s model number and/or get a manual and/or take it to a hardware store and test fit nuts and/or bolts to determine its thread type, either from the tool or the current pad. Then ‘Google’ for an adaptor and/or poke around here:

The same is true for searching Sways for ‘Bosch conversion kit’ which will tell you about various model #s and/or lead you to PeteC. There are also some entries in the Surfshop on Sways about the kits.

PS: Bill, Ace-Good tips about using extension and vacuum cleaner cords for other power tools, thanks!






All fair points, work in outside sales so was just putting general information out there. I’ll grab the model numbers next time I’m in town.

Planer # is pl1682 already handled the chord, great vacum cleaner advice. Looks like that adapter will work as well. Any one have some other info floating on these planers thrid one I have owned by 1st Bosch.