Planer in Europe?

I am planning on buying a planer but the problem is that I live in Europe and finding a Skil 100 ain’t easy around here it seems. And shipping one from US Ebay seems to be both expensive and then I also need a step-up/down 110-230V

I’ve been looking into the Bosch 40-82 but the version from Germany only has 1 blade. It’s worth mentioning that I am currently working on my 5th longboard and doing this as a hobby, although I will try to sell some boards to get the material costs back  once I feel that the finish board is good enough.  

My budget is around 300 USD.

I know a lot of people shape with a 2  blade makita stock. You definitely want 2 blades a single will just chunk up your foam. You can file the edges round on the front shoe of the making it glide a little better too. Search modified planer and in a post by petec someone from NZ I believe was talking about how they upgraded their makita. Might take some time and reading but you’ll learn a lot. Some really smart guys have posted on planer choices/easymods 

Hi Jode, I’m italian and I say you can do BIG things with 300 USD!!!

I bought my Skil 100 7.5A in USA and restored it with about 300 dollars, look at

Also you can buy an used Hitachi planer (with 30 or 50 €) like P20 or similar and modify it with few money.

If you like big planer buy an Hitachi F30 or Makita 1100, are good planer for longboard shaping.

This is my opinion, I hope to help.

P.S. check at this UK ebay page:

In UK you can buy an inexpensive powerful 220/110V transformator.

I was just watching a vid about Bob McTavish; for those that don’t know of him,  he has been one of the most influencial and respected shapers in the world for something like fifty years. He apperared to be using a non-modified planer similar to a Makita. The bottom line is you don’t necessarily need a Skil planer to be a good shaper.

Thanks guys.

I will try to find something on eBay. The problem is that there’s so many different names and I don’t really know if it has to be the exact model or just something similar. 

Theres lots of info here on sways but the models in europe seems to differ alot.

Maybe this one?

Hi Jode,

I suspect I’m the Kiwi guy Jycr mentioned.

I modified my Makita KP0810. Very good planer, plenty of power, 4mm cut in 160 degree turn of the knob. I moved the rear handle too which is actually faily easy as it it removable. I loosened up knob and rounded/smoothed out the shoe too. 

I also managed to score a 7.5 amp Type 4 Skil 100. Keep your eyes open, oneday one will find you. 

I use a 2000W step down transformer which I picked up for about $120AUD. 

The Skil lives up to all the hype, an amazing tool.

The makita is up there. I know a few guys full PROduction shaping with them even un-modified.

Look through this thread.

and this one.

Sorry I forgot your name it was a ways back when I read it. You did a nice job with that makita.


Thanks alot! I have my eyes on a skil right now and have asked for the shipping costs to Sweden. Otherwise iam gonna hit the buy button on the Makita Kp0810

Hi. Maybe its not relevant anymore, but thought I would give it a try.

I own a Skil 100 planer. It is missing belt and beltcover, but knife-drum turns freely. When plugged in engine runs like a charm. All in all in good condition.

I live in Denmark, but will ship across Europe.

As I’m finally mowing balsa again, let me know what you’d like to get for it. I may be interested!

Shipping to France can’t be that bad… I hope.


Wow, 230V too, haven’t seen one of those before. How much do you want for it? I imagine you wouldn’t ship to Australia. 

Asking a pretty firm 350 euros. Have no idea what shipping costs would be.

it is really in good shape. The drum, blade, sole, everything looks almost unused.

Gartner - I’d be interested in you Skil- 

The Makita is very popular Down Under.  Many shapers use them and most are not converted.  That is what they are used to.  But there are conversions that can be made on then that make them more conducive to surfboard shaping.  Lowel

Hello, I am interested in your planer how much to be delivered in France

Just a reminder for all people looking for a planer in Europe:

Also, I have been developping rasps inserts that install in minutes in place of the original blades. These rasps inserts are manufactured in France by Liogier which is one of the last factories that make hand-stitched rasps. Great for foam (especially EPS) but won’t slow as much on wood stringers as more conventional “grit barrels”. Easy “across the stringer” cutting with no splintering.

Feel free to PM me for any detailed info that wouldn’t appear on the website.

oui merci guilherm

mais je recherche depuis longtemps un skil 100 pour remise en état et voir peut être collection.


Je sais, j’en profitais juste pour faire ma pub’…

yes you are right

see you soon