Planer minimum requirements

Hi, what’s the minimum requirements for a planer in term of motor effect, rpm, cutting depth, etc. What more should I look for? Also do the blades have a standard fitting and size so you can get new blades from ‘anywhere’? regards, Håvard

I’ve been using a Dewalt. Not sure the model number, but it goes for around $130 ish. This planer is so lightweight and manueverable. Not bulky at all. Some might say even elegant. You can easily plane with one hand! I’ve yet to switch blades on it, but I do know that the process is simple and does not take a lot of time. I am not sure on the cost of the replacement blades though. As far as cut goes, the Max depth is not to deep, I think only a quarter inch. But i am still a rank amateur, so this seems to work well for me.

I just had a look at the information at on the P20SB. It says that it has a cutting depth of 1/32". Is this correct? Is the Clark foam planer modified to cut deeper? regards, Håvard