Planer score / conversation documentation

Picked this guy up for a whopping 15 bucks. Will clean up nice and it runs great.

I know a few guys here have one. The hope is to document the conversation process and maybe make up a few for those who may want to convert the depth control to a skil style lever. This may be a slow process as I will probably need to track down a mill to do some machine work (I no longer have daily access to a machine shop).

Ps. Anyone have a lead on blades? Mine have seen a few nails.

Is that a Wards Powr-Kraft TPC-8937A ?

Good for you getting a deal, and thanks for starting this thread.

Here’s an older one,

Page two has a manual and some pics of a lever mechanism.



Thanks for the post. I had previously seen the posts so when I saw the planer it was a no brainier.

Although not as easy to use for surfboards as a skil, I think it does have some advantages - 7amp and spins a bit faster. Also has dual belts, if one breaks your not totally up the creek without a paddle. 

We’ll see how it goes.