Greetings all, I have a question for the shapers who frequently yelid planers. Ok, I know that there are special planers out there speficically for the use of surfboard shaping, but other than the depth of the cut from the planer whats diffrent about construction planers and surfboard shaping planers? your input is greatly apprecieated. thanks, corbdawg.

blade width, motor power in amps (I prefer 7.0 plus, but the little motors work ok too), length (if too long you can usually cut them down), bearings (seal are the prefered choice but you can change them out), and the feel… Of course…depth adjustment. 99 % of planers will work but chose a comforatable one… Good luck!

Cool, thanks for the info greatly apprecieated. One more thing, have guys ever used ‘Home Depot’ planers for building boards. You might be able to its just that you might have to make a few more passes for the board to come out to planned thickness, donno thats just my thoughts. thanks tho. cya.