Planner Bosch PHO 2000

Hi all,

It`s about Planner Bosch Pho 2000,   Is it a good planner for shape foam?

Im a beginner and I think has a good price.


Bosch is a decent hand tool brand but spend the extra money and get the gho, which is blue plastic.  It is made for professionals and has more power and a better quality design.  The green boxes are for husbands that need to do a weekend project and never use them again.  I have several green bosch tools and they make horrible noise from over use.  The blues are legit.


You wont be saving money when you have to replace it twice as soon as the professional model.  Thats why the pho resell for $50 and the gho for $100+.  Also try to find a Swiss made model instead of the Malaysia made ones.

How much does that planer cost?  Because for the money I would just as soon have a Habor Freight.  People around Sways have used them with success and they are inexpensive.  They are probably made by Central Pnuematic.  

…hey Piteraman; in the past the green plastic was the professional units and the Blue ones, the “industrial work horses”

Only a few models are Swiss made; he would try with the Brazilian Factory.

Bosch here cost a minimum of 250 Dollars.

Try not to buy the models that have only one blade.