Please help identify this Macmillan board...

My brother picked this up off of craigslist.

Anybody got any info?

It’s a single with a FU style box.



no doubt there are plenty of Macmillian’s, but Bill Macmillian was a Floridian shaper for Donnie Mulhern’s MTB, excellent craftsman, raging drunk, I found him one day asleep on the huge mound of foam dust at the rear of his shaping room.

Came to my house one night, very drunk and agitated, very political beliefs, began ranting about the government, picked up my vacuum cleaner and threw it across the room, the whole time shouting his agenda at the top of his lungs. If this board was one of his, it has a lot behind the story

Haha, thanks Jim.

I’m sure there are a lot of Macmillans out there like you say.

I’ll pass this on to my brother. He came and picked it up today.

I fixed a few dings and added the leash hole. The board is in really great shape.

Not bad for $200. He bought it from some guy in Grass Valley of all places.