Please help Me Find A Template (shape3d) For my Next Project

Hi there!

Last time i was active in this fantastic forum i was still struggling with the build of my first board. And yes i was building my first board before i even really knew how to ride it. But i had help, a lot.
… anyhow, it already feels like i have been riding it for too long.
Not really, but i would like to have a second and somewhat different board to get more variation.

So here is what i am currently riding (pics below).

I think it is 6’2"; 21; 2 3/4", ~35l
I am not too sure about the measurements any more and i lost the CAD file. It definitely has 35l though (if I managed to build it spot on).

It has a rather small entry and a very small tail rocker.
The bottom has one large concave transitioning into a flat tail.

I am still a rather mediocre surfer who cant do cutbacks or anything the like. But it feels like i will have a hard time learning any quick manoeuvres on this board.
The board above is really fun, easy to catch waves with and quite fast. It doesn’t want to be ridden in snappy or small hollow waves though. It just isn’t very agile. And that’s not just me i had most of my friends; who actually know how to surf; ride it and they all see it pretty much the same way. Another thing I would like is somewhat more rocker and a narrower tip. As i said this board (and so do I) struggles with punchy sucky/hollow waves. If anyone knows it, I am thinking of Dunedins St. Kilda beach.

What i would like next is some standard shortboard, nothing fancy, nothing “performance”. Just something with less volume that rides snappier and generally feels a lot different from the above.
As i said for variation.

So now my big question.

Is anyone willing to share some Shape3D template with me, that you would think hits the mark?

I know there is the Shape3D Warehouse and probably one of the boards there might be ideal for me but i do not know nearly enough about the theory behind boards to choose one of them. Since, there is almost never any text/ info about what the templates are good for.
So you could also just point me at one of the templates? Preferably one tat you already had success with?


Very fit ( i surf 3-7 times a week) but wearing a 5/4 or 4/3 Wetsuit (it is cold where i am).

I have in mind riding something that is 5’11"-6’0" and has ~31.5l.
I will build it using a Bennet PU blank and Silmar Polyester Resin.

Thank you so much, for any help.

Take the krypto looking ones off the warehouse and tweak from there

Add a center fin box and try it as a thruster.

I think that drawing your current board into your software would be a worthwhile process. Then you can use it as the basis for the new design and proceed to make incremental changes.

I’m with Huck… play around with the fin lay out before ditching that one. If all else fails add some tail rocker to the next design but keep everything else consistent. Jrandy’s idea of putting the design in to shaping file makes a lot of sense.
FWIW the overall shape looks good to me. A thruster set-up might do the trick.

You can find templates here:

thanks all, for the quick response.

@Kookie: Yes, i considered that, but according to the friend who designed and helped me make the one above it should already be quite close to the Hyptokrypto.

@huck: I considered this and it might be the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution in most regards except for the volume.
However, i want to have another board as a back up during times of repairs plus i thouroughly enjoyed the physical process of building the first one and cant wait to build another one.

@jrandy: i think my friend might even still have the shape3d file for the above one. However i want something that feels and looks diferent.

The above board is fine and i do not want to modify it. I am not looking to work my way towards one board that i can use in all conditions. I want to choose between boards according to the conditions. Also i want to choose a board according to wether i feel like smooth, flowy turns (above board) or snappy quick sharp turns (hopefully the new board) on that day. I know a lot of it is just skill but some board undoubtedly suit a different style of riding than others. Also when i was recently borrowing my mates (he is about a head shorter than i am) board which i would estimate has something like 27 liters at 5’10’‘, 18’, ? i just had too much fun. That thing felt like a skateboard compared to my cruise liner. It was definitely a bit low in volume and too narrow/hard to paddle for a long session, for me, but it was fun and most of all refreshingly different to mine.
So please, some more suggestions. Preferably in the form of shape templates:)


Suit yourself, but just to clarify: by adding a center thruster fin box you are not modifying, eliminating or preventing use as a quad. You are just giving yourself the option of a snappier ride that feels a lot different. Trying different fin configurations in the same board is a great learning experience and will give you more insight on your next shape.

Ok. Since i do agree, I will also order two additional fin plugs for my current/“old” board when i order the plugs for the new one :slight_smile:
Cause i still want another board!

Anyother suggestions?


If youre catching waves just fine, then it sounds like you want something more along the lines of a modern high performance shortboard than a groveler, pulled in nose, bit more rocker, maybe a single concave, thruster fin setup. You probably know best how and where you surf, pay attention to what shapes work best there, then just take your best guess and run with it. There are no guarantees or absolute black and white answers, just have fun with it, that’s the main thing.

@huck: i know and even if i try to copy a board one to one i build one board so far an d i had a lot of help so i would propably not get the same board as the person who came up with the template.

still isn’t there anyone among you who already build one of the shape 3d warehouse shortboard models or is willing to share one with me that he thinks is great?
i mean i do not really know a lot about the science behind designing a board and if a board had a rocker that is just a wee bit to pronounced and would hence render it useless i would not be able to tell, until i rode it.

so for example there is this one:
and it looks pretty much like what i have in mind, but did anyone ever build it? the warehouse simply doesn’t offer any feedback, rating, or information, none.

Picture of the ‘file’ in question. Are you using the files to get your blanks cut or are you using the images to guide your process or ???

That’s a great looking board, should be perfect for your needs (dredging beach break waves). It’s not an exact science. Build the board! Kinda like surfing, you hope for great rides and no wipe outs, but in the end you take your best guess, try your hardest, and have fun! Think it through, but don’t overthink it.

@jrandy: i use the values /coordinates the software gives me and meticulously measure everything out on the blank. sort of me = the human cnc machine. drawing by numbers…
i have build myself large calipers and a big measuring square and that’s pretty much it. so i’d say i use the images but only really pay attention to the numbers.

@huck: thanks so much for having a look at it (obviously the same goes for jrandy). i havent fully decided yet i am also considering one of the drift boards. as soon as i have i will let you know.

in the meantime i am still open for suggestions!


I have a shape3d file for you. PM me your email as Sways won’t allow a s3dx upload.