pledge future floor polish?

I am about to have my first attempt at painting on foam.  I read a lot about mixing future floor polish with water and craft store acrylics 1:1:1.
I’ve searched home depot, kmart, grocery stores, etc… I can’t find the future floor polish that was pictured. The only thing available is Pledge with Future… the future logo is on there but it looks like maybe pledge bought future? or something like that.  Does anyone know if it is the same product? Did pledge add anything to it? It says on the bottle, same acrylic protection and long lasting shine! Not to be used as a cleaner.


I guess the question here is: Will this still work as final gloss. Will it still work to mix with paints for airbrushing?




That’s the same stuff I use, Pledge with Future. Never used it for airbrushing, but I use it for final speedcoats too.

ok cool thanks Rachel. I hope its the same stuff. I know that if it doesn't have anything else added it can be used to mix with paints as well, but I guess it wont work if there are any additives to the acrylic.

Probably just a new branding label.

Yeah mate , that’s the stuff.

Future Complete

I think a lot of us have been through what you went through, hunting high and low.

Search the archives , but I don’t think it’s recommended on here as a finish coat - but , it’s the same stuff people thin airbrush paint with , for sure.

that’s exactly what I was looking for! a link to a site with pictures. haha


Thanks a lot!



I just finished some painting using this stuff…

If you mix in the following order you’ll have better results:

blend colors (what ever you chose)

add water and mix thoroughly

finally add the future and mix.

I tried it the other way around and it took forever to get all the globs to blend.


Thanks for the tip. I mixed in that order and I used a $14 auto sprayer from harbor freight and got decent results.


It's called Klear in NZ.

How have you all been applying it?

I wipe it on with a small cloth - very thin coats - about five coats with 20 minutes between, then knock it down with 400, 600, 800, 1000 by hand, and finish with car polish.

Seems to last well.

Artist acrylic Gesso works well too its like an extra “glue” thats what I use.  Santos if you are near a Smart and final you can get acrylic floor sealer in gallons for like 8 bucks.  Use that too but more gesso for paint

What’s the acrylic floor sealer called at S&F? ve you noticed if it yellowed later on? How did you finish it out?


Future was bought by Pledge (Johnson& Johnson I think is the aprent company)…they didn’t change it…it has no parafin just acrylic so you can make temperura and other cheap paints acrylic…just be sure everything you EVER use is “Flat”.

A lot of the glass shops in SD and OC use the Smart and Final floor Sealer to seal sanded finish boards. They call it “Mop-N-Slop” in some. Couple of coats each side, then scuff it down with a scotchbrite pad. BTW, I think a sanded gloss is a way better to seal a board.

I know a few board painter that regularly mix it into tempera/ poster paints as a binder with no problems.