Pleskunas Flex Shaping Tool Review

Anyone else bought / tried this? What are your thoughts and experiences?

Unlike the fixed curve versions of this tool, which have wood handles, I bought the “flex” version, which is an all plastic (except for the grit nodes) handle.

First started using the tool and the grit nodes shed. A lot. Looked like someone peppercorned my blank salad! Kinda like when you first start using a sheet of 40 grit sandpaper. This eventually worked itself out, so I recommend taking some old foam or whatever and scrub a while until the loose grits stop breaking off. Then you can take it to a good blank.

It’s no good for skinning a blank, the grit gets no bite, but once into normal densities, it’s great. Really useful for decks and concaves.

I’m going to create some fixed curve jigs that I can attach to the back side of the handle somehow. Not sure just how yet. So again, unlike the fixed versions of this, I can have variable, yet dependable curves.

So far I like it pretty well for certain applications, but there is one very serious downside. The plastic it’s made of is VERY brittle, and to my dismay, when tapping it against the leg of my shaping racks, it snapped like a twig. ARGH!

I was able to fix it however, and recommend if Pleskunas folks read this. I epoxied the two pieced back together. I then affixed a thin band of sheet metal lining to the back of the tool which is something they should consider doing at manufacturing. This will keep it from snapping like it did to me, and still allow it to flex as normal.

[img_assist|nid=1042404|title=Pleskunas Flex Shaping Tool|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=59]

I have used and owned one of the fixed curve wooden Pleskuna with the carbide grit for quite awhile. It shed quite a bit the first few times I used it. I was able to blow off the “peppercorns” with the air nozzle. It still sheds a little but has gotten better with use. I also like the 3M plastic flex pad that takes a long sheet of sandpaper. Has a knob on each end of the back and flexes a fair amount. Bought it at Fiberglass Hawaii. I’ve got some nice pads and blocks made by another shaper who passed away a couple of years back. I use those more than anything. Nice to use tools made by some one who shaped. All the Pleskunas stuff is pretty ingenious. My fovorite is my forty dollar “piece of plastic”.