Pleskunas tunsten carbide planer/rasp

We’ve all seen this tungsten carbide rasp in the new Surfer’s Journal. Has anyone used them? How do they work? What are they best at? What grit of sandpaper are they comparable to? They look great for channels. Did Fiberglass Hawaii just sellout of them? Stan are you still here? Thanks, Rob Olliges

Rob…I was just about to order new rasps…don’t scare me! Hope they’re not out. I love mine…not to mention the bulk of Stan’s tools. I have ordered from both the Hawaii and Santa Cruz branches. The rasps are a nice addition to your arsenal…definitely make your work a lot more fluid. T.

What purpose do they serve mainly?

Great for trueing up, making cuts, blending railbands…they are permanent and consistent. they have concave rasps, as well as convex for doming decks, rail rasps and straight rasps …blow out well with compressed air. * Hey, Rob, called Fiberglass Hawaii, last night, and they’ve GOT. Sorry to run, surf came up and I use this library computer to check da surfs. back later…ask for a pleskunas tool list, rob, surfhungry…alohas, T.

Thanks, you know i know several large volume shapers(600-700 per year) and none of them use a rasp, or for that matter that dragon skin, or even that stupid ‘fred’ tool(which gouges the foam with the crude sureform blade. In fact the only real useful blending tool in the last 3 years I’ve observed/used with success is a folded over and glued used 40 grit sandpaper for that area on the deck between the rail band and deck for blending. Everybody loves it!! Thanks Jim Phillips…for cutting through the b.s. u da man!!!

Real shapers use planers. Who`s Stan Pleskunsas?

Check out the latest Surfer`s Journal, and read “The Inventing Of Stanley Pleskunas” by Chris Ahrens. A fascinating story about a great guy. “… The design team for the reef is co-led by Stan Pleskunas and Bruce McFarland. Stan and Bruce were key in the development of the portable Waveloch Flowrider designed for the Swatch Mobile Wave Tour. Stan has influenced the surfing world in many ways through the development of shaping machines, boards used in the Flowrider, technology to produce surf and sailboard fins and through the development of production equipment for surf wax and deck pad manufacturers along with computerized machinery for producing sailing related products. His latest endeavor involves producing small, highly advanced beacons which to deter dolphins from commercial fishing nets.” 13decmarineconsevrebus.PDF HistoryoftheDoubleSurfacedWingSail.html