plug repairs

I have been doing ding repair work for a few years now. I recently started toying with repairing plugs. I mostly just do normal dings and broken boards and have been trying to stay away from plug repair. Anyway now what tools you guys use for repairing plugs for FCS? I see this putty/ foam looking stuff that a guy use’s here that I say is the best guy to repair plugs around here. What do you guys use thats super strong? Also what you use to cut it out? Also now for futures how you guys repair them? If its crushed into the deck and all? I hear about building a bridge? I have the kits for both futures and FCS. But I am pretty clueless to repair the plus. I have used the emergency kit for FCS to repair a few plugs to experiment on but I know thats not the correct materials to use. Somone please clue me on and what resins you use for it all.