Hi Guys.

I used to fix the plugs (leash and fins) always with glassing resin, but a friend told me to do with hot coat resin.

What is better? Is there some problem by mixing hot coat resin and white pigment?

Thank you in advance.




Thank you, so I will keep doing like this! 

that is what I do… I have not had problems. 



My big doubt is: Am I going to have problems if fix plugs (leash and fins) with lam resin and not hotcoat over them?

I say this because the last boars I hotcoated the boards and them fixed the plugs with lam resin, sanded and finished!


Always glass over them if you don’t want any problems.  I set with 50% lam, let cure, and top with 50% sand.  Grind down and patch over.  Or,  just use glass over (capped) embeds on the lam set low.

for repairs i fill the holes 90% with lam, let it kick and top them off with hot coat resin. you get the bond of laminating and the ease of sanding.

Hi Nj,

Tks, more clear now! One question, if I`m not hotcoating over the plugs you said I should use hotcoat resin to fix it, but  what happens if I use lam resin and do not hotcoat over it?


Lam resin is better for bonding… always.

Lam resin is less brittle than hotcoat resin if it’s shot hotter (more catalyst).

Hotcoat resin is better for sinking plugs if you’re gonna grind it down without hotcoating over it… lam resin gums up the paper. That’s what A2 is talking about.

Bottom line, though, is either one is fine. I’ve actually set leash plugs during my hotcoats to save a step. The only problem is you have clear resin around the plug instead of white… or black.

Thank you! I agree.

I believe your friend is incorrect. wax may rise to the bottom of your plug/ box and won’t bond as well as lam resin. lam resin is not more brittle. just don’t kick it too fast and if youre stressing out about strength too much, put some glass powder in

Thank you, I do the same, but this glasser told me that in long term it is easier to brake the lam resin (less flexibility), and also the bond is better.

I`d like to hear from more people and until now only this friend like this method.


Thank you again.

i fix mine with lam resin than hotcoat over them. no problem mixing pigments into sanding resin