Plywood Fin Help

Hi All

Going to make a plywood fin for my 9’ Mal - think l’ve it worked out

thanks to Bert’s How To Post.

Only question is the base seeing this is going in a box & therefore

needs to be drilled should/can it still be out of ply/glass or glass only…

And is there a proven/easy method - like a timber mould or similar

Hope this isn’t a silly question


Here you go,;search_string=%22moulding%20fin%20bases%22;#205763

or you could just lay up glass…


I havn’t tried this yet. A friend makes wood fins and glasses them up. For the screw hole, he drills the hole larger that the screw, fills the hole with resin/glass fiber mix, then drills through the mix the correct diameter of the fin screw.

yes Mike that works … I do the same with the horizontal pin .

…you have to be SO careful doing that with the vertical screw, though , as you have SO little margin for error…one slip , and the tab is broken ( so then I end up moulding the base anyway !!)


I usually make the whole “tab” out of glass and add it to the fin base before I glass the fin then drill the hole afterwards !


Thanks for the help guys,

Chip what do u use for the pin ?

I read somewhere one way was to put a screw

straight thru the base & cut & file the ends !


hi Ant !

…we have brass ones and also plastic ones here in wozzieland .

…if you wanted to pm me , I could post you a few, if you like ?


I have found stainless steel spring pins sold as washing machine parts really great. Just drill the hole and tap in gently with a tack/pin hammer.