Pocket Almanacs for Irish, Devonish,Cornish and Welsh surfers

Happy Xmas - Dont say i give you nathin.

New Pocket Almanac online for the first three months of 2008

To access PDF click on the following link


Hope you find it of interest and of use

Seasons greetings to all

Just to be boringly pedantic, it’s Devonian not Devonish. The former is someone from Devon the later used to be a brewery company. Thanks for the Almanac and a curse on the house of anyone who tries to snake me for a wave. Happy New Year.

Apologies for any unintended offence caused :slight_smile:

I stand corrected

And here I thought he was just being clever and “ish’d” all four to make them nicely illiterative. Maybe he meant the general area of Devon but not quite. Devon-ish.

Happy Holidays


Thanks Si

from a welshish surfer:)

Blwyddyn newydd dda!

No worries,

Blian Nua Mhaith dhuit fein

Yakki dah (?) - Slainte