As most have noticed, Swaylocks has a new points rule, you have to have 15 points to comment in a thread, and I’m pretty sure you have to have 15 points in order to give up or down votes to a post.

So, newbies get their first 15 points by starting a few threads, and we can help 'em out by giving up votes on their threads.  Newbies with less than 15 points can’t post in the Board Archive, but I think they could get some points by posting in Swaylopedia.

Personally , I think a points system is detrimental …some will view the forum as a “competition” because of it …kids stuff … this is not Facebook…admin keeps trying to fix things that ain’t broke… there seems to be a preference for quantity over quality.


Once again Kayu, Amen! 


I don’t actually know the rationale for the new points rule (but like SammyA and Mako224 I have my theory).  To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to points, to what anyone else thinks of them, or get worked up about it one way or another.  I don’t do facebook, so don’t know or really care what goes on there.  

Points are not my idea.  When we didn’t have 'em it was no big deal to me, now we do have 'em its no big deal to me.  I can’t see as they alter the experience of being here a whole lot in any direction.

I mainly come here to learn about making surfboards, and consider the rest as insignificant - I just roll with it.  There’s a lot of valuable information and networking here available for free, well worth the small effort (to get a few points) to get up and running IMO.  I’m always surprised at what some folks get worked up over.  

Its not really all that hard to get 15, but it is kind of a pain in the butt when a newbie wants to respond to a thread, or their own thread, and can’t.  In that scenario, I feel their frustration.  And so, since recently there have been some posts here, as well as PMs I have been getting, about the 15 point minimum, I started the thread to help newbies see some of the possibilities for getting the needed 15 points - and to make others aware of ways we can help them out. 

Here’s a reply I just posted in another thread. I think it applies here, as well.


Good point, Sammy (haha), I also try to give up-vote points to newbies to help them along their way to 15 (unless they start their first post with good-bye, in which case I say don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out, LOL).  

Currently there is a glitch that makes the member page unavailable, as far as I know no one can access their account page right now.  Like all the glitches we’ve had, nothing to do but wait it out, the site owner is aware of the problem, and will likely post a notice when it gets solved.

How many newb posts and posts ranting about this “popularity” system on the front page am I going to have to navigate through in order to see what I came here to see. SURFBOARDS.


Points?  Facebook kid bullshit


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