Poll: Spray Blank White before glassing.

Poll:  Spray Blank White before glassing or adding other sprayed graphics?

Depends on the foam you are using and how UV sensitive it is.  Some of the early efforts after Clark closed needed to be painted white.  Even Clarks would need to be painted these days.  The standard for whiteness has changed as foams have improved.  The "Big Three",  Arctic, Millenium and US Blanks are all nice and white.  I'm still of the opinion that BGF Aerialite cloth is the best for whitness and making graphics "pop".

Has anyone tried just adding a tiny amount of white pigment to the resin while glassing or hotcoating?

I mean just enough to keep boards looking white for a little bit longer while still being able to see the stringer pretty clearly?

Adding white pigment does keep them whiter. The problem is the milky affect the pigment causes. The stringer looks blurry. And if you apply laminate under the glass, it to will look milky. Especially in the black or dark areas of the logos. You can use pigment then put lams on top. Then you have to sand the patches flat.

Most of the newer foam comes pretty white. The new formula from US Blanks is pretty white. So does Arctic. I rarely paint them white. Only if customer asks.

Barry Snyder / Windigo Surfboards

The arctic is almost blinding By far the Whitest.

yeah everyone is throwing blues and purples into the mix.

I still think currently USB is 3rd brightest overall but the differences are not huge.

The Arctic Really pops against the Millennium and the USB.


From the day US Blanks got started to the present it's amazing how they have "whitened up" their foam.  They're all super white compared to anything in the past.

Back in the day, I used to paint blanks white if I wanted a lighter finish weight.  The paint sealed the blank so it absorbed a bit less resin.  Of course it did cut down on the bond a bit.

Absolutly right on both points.  The good with the bad.

Strictly anecdotal...  I shape outside and used to notice that Clark foam would start turning brown immediately when exposed to direct sunlight.  I mean if I took a beer break and went back to shaping, I was turning up whiter foam with fresh passes of planer or sanding block. 

Haven't used Arctic or Millenium but USB seems better in that regard than Clark.

Speaking of sealing the blank…  Do you guys seal EPS blanks with spackle before glassing with epoxy?


Most do, some don't.

question for the Pro's .......

OK, the new blanks are super white. How long do you expect the surfboard to remain "white" ??? give me an honest answer.

Why do I ask?  Because super white out of the gate is great. But brownish and ugly in 6 months is not so good.....Anyone go a long term test going....

Most of the New blank formulas are between 3 and 6 months old so not much room for a good test yet. Right now in supply houses you see a mix of old and new formulas still. 

My 3 month old arctic still looks pretty bright. I think its still brighter than a competitor thatw as shaped today… and I honestly take shitty care of boards. left in the car uncovered… sits on the porch. etc.

Would you like to Dance?...........

I have a long term test board. It's 9'3" EPS glassed with Resin Research CE (blue colored resin). It's almost 4 years old. Slightly discolored but looks much better than most one year old poly short boards I look at. For a backyard guy building a poly board I think painting the foam is a good idea.

Thanks for the reply Aqua. Let me re-word my question

Today I bought 2 US Blanks polyurthane surfboard cores. If I shape the blanks and glass them with RR KK ( no paint or color work)........What should I expect the boards to look like in 6 months or 12 months?  These would be well treated surfboards that travel to the beach in the back of a truck with no bag. Boards will be stored inside when not in use.....

You should get some offcuts and test em out with RR.

I can get you a  good size nose or tail of all 3 foams

I can do the same for poly.

Maybe some sort of controlled test.

Let me know what you think


surfblanks aus doesnt recommend spraying there new superwhite 

question of a neophyte shaper about spraying blanks…

by spraying/painting blank we seal it and that mean it’ll suck less or none resin and now the question— IS THAT MAKING THE FINISH RESULT LESS DURABLE AND NOT THAT STRONG? Is there a BIG problem if the fiberglass is not perfect  glued to the blank?