poly pigment with epoxy resin

just checkin to see if there any adverse effect using polyester white pigment with epoxy resin.

i wanna test somethings and will get some epoxy pigment next time i am down the way of the shop but got some poly pig in the shed and was considering using it with the epoxy i have, sp106. will it work or just get messy? wasting my time and epoxy?



sean b

Yea… not a good thing around fin boxes though. Right, Chris? Ha!

The ammount of pigment you put into the epoxy will effect the flex of the epoxy.  It's a nice thing to know if you are looking to change your epoxy into tough but flexible epoxy batch.

I do it under my timberflex boards sometings.....using white pigment. oops secrets out.

Sean, AFAIK and per Ted Wilson at Fiberglass Hawaii (Honolulu branch) the pigments used for poly will work with epoxy.  They are formulated with a vehicle that is compatible with both resin types.  BUUUUT.... the only REAL way to know is to do a small test batch.  We have no idea what sort of pigment you propose to use.

cheers charlie,

pigment is llewellyn ryland, british company, i think, must be a brand that the store does. will do a test sample of course, just checkin incase i was totally wasting my time.


sean b

Poly pigment will work , but the finished board may go soft when put in the sun............not sure if the baking process fixes this.......just wait till you get the right pigment....

Ask Chipper how the deck of his Bushfire Fish is holding up. That's epoxy with poly pigment.