Poly resin/cold temp

I am doing some repair around a finbox in Portland Or. (low 40’s F)

Will resin just set slow in the cold or is there a chance of it

never curing?

I want to leave the garage doors open for vent. Can I use a heater

on the repaired area or put the board in my car with the heat on after glassing?

Thanks Dave

Resin Research will set up with fast hardener and a shot of X-55 accelerator but the cure will be delayed. If you have a gallon size zip lock baggie, you might fill it with hot water and place it over the repair. You might change the water a time or two. It’ll go.

RR is epoxy right?

do you have sunlight ???

use UV catalyst

It will kick

You did say poly resin,right?

Resin Silmar S249A

MEKP catalyst

Sunlight? Whats that?

249A is laminating resin - don’t know what the repair entails, but you’ll never be able to sand it without a hassle if not going over it with 250 gloss type or a hot coat mix.

It will cure. Might want to boost the mepk by a few drops - though higher temps would be nice. Hit with a hair dryer a bit during initial cure. Definitely start with warm resin - not 40 degree resin.

Put it in your car and you’ll never get the stink out - wifey won’t be happy - bad way to start the new year…

Do it in the bathroom with the exhaust fan going?? Thinking outside the box here…

Happy New Year and Good Luck


I have wax surface agent for hot coat.

Glad you stopped me from stinking up the car.

I will use heater/hair dryer like you suggested.

Hi 732002 -

Sorry, I should read the subject more carefully!

Zap the resin for 10 seconds in a microwave and double the amount of catylist.

Just bring your resin in the house for a few hours let it warm up before doing your repair, heat the garage up as much as you can. This is important to improve workability of the resin.

If there is resin on the outside of it’s container get a large freezer bag and put the container inside of it so that you don’t stink up the house. I’ve used about 3-4% MEKP but that still takes quite a while to kick.

Call Fiberglass supply and get some UV additive, it’s a powder you just mix into your resin and UV light will make it kick. You can get like a 1’ black light from Home Depot which will work.

A huge problem with using just MEKP is the amount of stink it gives off, when it takes so long to kick there is a LOT of vapor given off. Make sure you have a good respirator (also available from FGS).

So: heat the resin up inside, heat up the garage before doing your repair, do the repair, open up the garage door for ventilation.

you only need 10 minutes of ultraviolet rays

and by the way they come through clouds

Hey Ken that’s true, but it actually takes much longer than 10 minutes to get the resin to a sandable cure with the amount of sunlight we get. The constant rain makes it hard to leave boards outside to cure. Blacklight is pretty cheap for the amount of use you can get out of it.