Polycrylic Alternative

I’ve been using Polycrylic rattle-can finish on epoxy boards for a while with good results until today. Made 3 trips to HD and every can I got was spitting out wax boogers. I shook each can for twice as long as recommended and temps were around 75, not sure, maybe they have a bad batch there.

I was wondering what other rattle-can finish brands people are using on epoxy boards. I’ve read some talk about polyurethane finish. Not looking to order anything or wipe anything on.

Let me know what else works from HD so I can get this done in one shot tomorrow morning. Thanks!

This Krylon UV Resistant Spray seems to work well for me. I use it to seal posca art over epoxy. 1-2 coats. Can get gloss or matte. I do the matte and buff it out with maroon scotch brite then grey scotch brite if I want to get really fancy. Don’t know if they have it at Home Depot but I got mine at Michaels, which is a big art supply store…




Home Depot PU rattle can clear (Minwax, etc) takes a long time to dry compared to acrylics, at least a day.  It does however make a chemical bond to the epoxy.  Acrylics (like Krylon) will have comparable adhesion if the surface is roughed up, like 220.  However, you’ll need several coats to cover 220 scratches which gets you to the same time as using PU.   In spraying from a rattle can, shake it for a couple minutes then set the can in fairly hot water at least 3/4 up the side for about 5 min.  Take it out of the water and shake again then start spraying.

Thanks for the info. Saw that Miniwax PU but they only had gloss in stock. I’ll try the Krylon

I like the Rustoleum clear.  It has a really good spray tip for a rattle can.