polyester full cure time

I just picked up my new log glassed with the standard single fin log volan glassing. not exasctrly sure what. its 9’8"x23" and weighs 18lbs it does have a deck patch too. how long should i wait until i ride it? i think it just got glassed on mon or tues and i picked it up today (fri). super excited to try ou tthe board. this will be my first brand new board and first properly fitted longboard. will heat help? I was thinking if htats the case, Ill just leave it in the van for a couple days. the van will probably get up to 80-85 tomorrow and maybe 75 the next couple of days vs my house which will be about 10-15 degrees cooler

If you put it in a room with the door closed for a few hours and you go in…do you smell resin? I’d say 2 weeks unless UV resin was used.