Polymers/California Crystals Repair Use?

Greetings all and thanks for reading.

I’m the general manager of Natural Farmers, purveyors of the California Crystals brand polymers, as mentioned in previous posts. After reading of your successes with our product, we are obviously excited about breaking in to the surf market, but remain painfully unversed as to the application of polymers in the reparation process.

We would be eternally grateful for any insight in to how this stuff is specifically used, which conditions help or hinder effective behavior of the substance (heat, other chemicals, etcc), and the best means of marketing/distribution.  As our head quarters are in Santa Cruz,  one would assume that interested parties would be near and plentiful.  Do most folks repair their own equipment, or do they go to a specialist? 

Thanks again for your consideration, please hit us up for free samples.



Natural Farmers

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