polyurethane density

Hello guys, as you might know i’m planning to create my own first board.

I’ve finally found at least one polyurethane foam maker near me, so now i need to know the right density, cause here on the forum i’ve only found

something like “foam density #2” and i do not know what it means.

What about EPS density just in case i find also this kind of material?

Thank you very much, any help is really appreciated. Flavio.

EPS #2 means a density of 2 lbs/cubic foot… this is a popular density for use with traditional glassing techniques with typically an extra 4 - 6 oz (ounces/square yard) layer of fiberglass cloth on each side. I don’t know what the average density of a green or blue clark p/u blank (it’s not mentioned in the catalog either) but they are variable density with a crusty (read denser) exterior and a softer interior. cheers, Brennan

Hey Brannan thank you very much :smiley: so #2 stands for ca. 31.8kg/cubic-meter.