"Pontoon" problems with my longboard

Hey all,

This is a weird question, but here it goes:

I shaped what I think is a pretty decent longboard for myself. 9’6 x 23.5 x 3 thick. Probably about 4 inches nose rocker and 2 inches tail rocker. Pretty standard I guess. Oh, and I’m 5’11 and 160 lbs. It’s a pu blank glassed with 6/6 deck and 6 bottom and epoxy.

So, the board functions great for me, but it’s a little more buoyant than I originally planned but it was my first longboard shaping attempt, so whatever. The problem is, when i’m out in the water, the board sounds like a pontoon boat when the waves/ripples slap against the underside of my board. Kind of a hollow sound. It’s more embarassing than anything cause the board works great, catches waves like a dream. What’s causing this sound, which makes everyone look at me like i’m crazy? Is the board just too big for my size? Is it the epoxy? Would sanding up the bottom make this stop?

If its the epoxy, then i guess i’ll just have to live with it since i cant use poly resin at my place (the landlord got pissed from the smell). But if it’s a shape problem, maybe I should strip the glass and reshape?

I dont have any pics right now, but i’ll post some tonight or tomorrow.


longboards do that.

it’s nothing to be embarassed about.

it’s probably being exacerbated by the fact that you’re floating high in the water

leaving more of an ‘opening’ in the front for waves to come up under the board.

my 9’6" PU/PE chatters a bit if I’m paddling on a day with some surface chop.


a flat bottom with little belly will give you the slapping sound

no biggie, dont worry about it

Thanks guys for the help. Good to know its not too abnormal to have a loud board. There was a guy in the lineup the other day who actually made a comment about how much “water my board was displacing”, which is why I thought it was a shape problem. But i think this was a guy who just talks sh*t to everyone. Awesome, i’ll keep surfing it!

Of course you’ll keep riding it! it goes great for you. My homemade board is exta thick and floaty, gets too many comments, I tell 'em all the bad things, homemade, washes in too easy, barely get my arm around it, then i say how great it picks up waves, and that I’m all proud I made it, that does it, exept for the few totally negative folks who we don’t admire anyway. Way to go making a board that works great for you.

with the width and thickness of that board relative to your size, just the opposite is the case.