POSCA pens

Other than the Clark Foam website, is there any other distributors around that carry them? Or any other equivilent pen that would work just as well?

Man…gotta love the …Lost artwork! I wouldn’t use anything else!


some trusted sources have recommended Zig pens over Posca. i’ve found them on some art supply websites.

Zig pens? Hmm…I’ve never heard of them, but I’ll defiently check it out! I’m assuming their water-based arcylic paint pens as well ,then.

Another question…when adding a graphic to a surfboard, what’s the usual preference, to paint directly onto the foam or onto the glass? This is a pretty new medium for me, so just wondering what you guys choose to do personally!

small graphic…print on rice paper and laminate it onto the board

Howzit cherry, Zig pens are pigment ink which is more durable than paint pens (Poscas ). I take an empty zig pen and punch a hole in the bottom and fill with india ink which in my mind is the best. Aloha,Kokua

Thanx for your advice, guys! Much appreciated!

I’ll probably go out and pick up (or order online) both kinds of pens and experiment with them.

I’ll try out the india ink with the empty zig pens…thanx, Kokua!

And defiently rice paper, it’ll make it so much easier to glass on logos rather than painting the same thing over and over…

 Howzit cherry, when you try the india ink trick punch a hole just big enough for one of those ink jet cartridge refill kits syringe and use the syringe to fill the pen and then tape off the hole real good to prevent leakage. What you will then have is a felt tipped rapidiograph, try to fine the 6mm wedge tipped Zig pens. Aloha,Kokua

I haven’t done it myself, but my understanding is that any hand-drawn graphics using paint pens - like you see on the …lost boards - are done on the sanded hot coat, then sprayed with an acrylic topcoat. Maybe someone more experienced could weigh in here.


Graphics on the sanded hot-coat, huh? I suppose that would be a nicer, smoother surface to paint on rather than painting directly on the foam. I really don’t know, since I don’t have much experience in the matter! I’ve also heard of spraying a laquer or top-coatot over , but I’m still trying to get my head around the concept of using water based paint on a board…but I guess after it’s glassed it dosen’t matter much…

How many artists are there within Swaylocks? I’d really like to find you guys and get some well needed advice!

i think there’s someone on here from the Santa Cruz area that does some really amazing stuff with those paint pens…do some searches and see what ya turn up.


If you are near So. Cal. would be happy to show you posca on the sanded hot coat.You would be welcome to stop by and see it first hand.


Check out JC’s AirBrushing 101, the guy at the end does a really nice piece with POSCA pens. It should really be all you need to start doing it yourself, other than talent.

this website, http://www.drewbrophy.com/surfboard_designs_howtopaint.htm, will give you a good idea how to do paint pen art like one of the masters, drew brophy. he uses the draw on top of hot coat and spray with clear acrylic method. be sure to check out all the other amazing stuff on there like


Hey Cherry,

The only problem I ever had with waterbased on the foam, was not letting it dry enough.

The artist who did the work just went to town, and I didn’t give the thicker paint enough time to dry. Resin doesn’t tend to stick to moisture very well. Luckily it was only very small blobs that were the trouble. I didn’t care, it was a pretty wild theme and the board went well.

I did quite a few combination foam/sanded sprays, and with the right design can give a very good depth visual.



If you are near So. Cal. would be happy to show you posca on the sanded hot coat.You would be welcome to stop by and see it first hand.


I’ve never bombed to Cali…if I’m ever planning a trip, I’ll be sure to drop by and see how it’s done! Thanx!

Thanx for the link, Mottola, I’ve looked at a lot of Brophy’s works…the guy is my inspiration at the moment, his artwork is astounding! Nice bold colors…gotta love it!

Not a whole lot on Sean Spoto, either, another …Lost artist, they’re really the only ones I know of surf-art wise.

Thanx again for all the tips and personal recommendations, guys!


Just one tip: Softly sand the area on the surfboard surface where you’ll do the job with a 120 grit sand paper (water) before start painting with Poska. It improves the surface to the ink and the posterior acrylic topcoat.