Positioning C-5's

I’m using Futures new C-5’s for a Twin fin fish. Should the C-5’s be parallel to the main fins or angled in a bit more? I think in terms of fore and aft the the mid point should be at the leading edge of the main fin.

you’re talking twinzer, right? i placed mine an inch over towards the rail, and the trailing edge just inside the leading edge of the main fin and parallel. this was on a couple of thrusters (c-5 types). others may offer a different view.

thx, parallel was what I was wondering. How’s it ride? Mine is a twin and won’t get wet for a while.

i like 'em! i haven’t been riding them much in a while. i screwed up my board and rode a “c-5” i made for my kid with a bit of a wider tail than my regular board and it flew! really loose and fast. not sure what the little fins did. definitely didn’t hurt. i’ve had a few twinzers in the past and they worked really well. i think you’ll enjoy yours.

I usually angle them a bit more. It’s a jib and a main. I think that information is on Rusty’s site. www.rusty.com… I think?

greg when you angle them, you mean towards the stringer? or more angle in relatinship to the bottom? the way i remember rusty’s looking when he did the c-5 challenge, they were parallel. maybe they’ve changed or maybe i was just deranged…