Possible incoming New Zealand Swell, 35 years later.

Hi, checkout www.metservice.com. My guess is that these dynamics could be similar to the weather situation 35 years ago. We here in New Zealand are acknowledging that the system is as big as the Australian continent, it looks like it will be stalled in the south for a while. We are moving into our spring equinox which always brings high winds and rain.

I’ve asked Sean Collins about the best of these storms that thread the gap between Aus. and NZ.

His reply:" minimal surf for So. Cal."-- too much cheesgrating by Fiji,surrounding islands and seamounts.

He also stated that in 1988 there was a storm situated just N. of NZ that gave us a great swell.

So it seems storms need to track to the N. of NZ or just to the E. of it to be good swell makers for California.