post pictures of your CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN projects!

I kinda felt it appropriate for a new thread on lockdown projects - since a lot of us worldwide are stuck at home, and can’t go surfing.

Lets see 'em!

This month I built 13 shower wall panels … 48" x 76" …

They go into the Homegrown Trailers I help build…

Nice to work from home…

Tangentially surf related covid 19 projects?

Ok, this externally regulated alternator charged my battery enroute to many surf sessions.


This ‘remanufactured’ alternator failed, as the slip rings were not aligned properly with the brush holders, and the lower brush was touching both slip rings.  When the brush wore out enough that the brush was touching the middle part between slip rings, only then did charging stop.

The slip rings were all messed up. I used my angle grinder, on a router speed controller, with cloth buffing wheel barely touching the external fan, to spin the rotor so I could rehone the slip rings.  

I don’t know how much of a ‘polish’ they put on the copper slip rings from the factory, but I finished off with some 1500 grit, then some Caig Deoxit d5 on half a Qtip, installed in a dremel.  The 555 PWM signal generator is there only for some contrast, to show reflectivity of the polished copper.


I sanded the bottom of the brush holder’s feet, lowering both brushes to ride the slip rings properly.  Gonna improve some electrical connections and heatsinking and return it to service.



This 6’ by a little less than 21" wasn’t even on my radar when SARS-CoV-2 started.  I was planning on figuring out how to make/design 50/50 rails for the 10’ partially shaped board that it is sitting on.  To do that, I needed to browse many classic boards and reverse engineer the bevel cuts that were required.  Once the lockdown happened, all that stopped.  Nor would I have had enough resin/glass to finish it.  I had an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment when I remembered I had an extruded styere blank just sitting around with nothing to do.  I spent a good week or two messing around with templates before settling on this one… I need another twin-fin like I need another twin-fin.

Upper right: Kai Wa’a Scorpius OC-1; upper left: Huki S1-R surfski; lower left: Huki S1-X skirfski.

For the past few years I shaped on a jury rigged rack mounted on a wiggly folding sawhorse so I have finally built a proper shaping rack and have slowly been working on another paulownia paipo.   


Went a little crazy making a tail block…


Hey now!!


got this in the mail yesterday. using it today :slight_smile:

Let me know how that plane works.  Was it sharp enough out of the box or did you have to put an edge on it?

Assuming you finished that off by handsanding or at most with a sander and pad.  All those pieces offset like that would be impossible to plane.  Looks great tho.  If I owned something like that it would kill me the first time it did the rock dance fin first at Rincon on low tide.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to use a leash on a board that old school.  



COVID RED…EPS Epoxy Tint, US blanks 7-6 EA 7-5 x 21.5 x 2 3/4. Max 2K auto clear coat for POP. 

going from a cheapo block plane that i curved the blade in, that always messed the foam up to this one…om my g…

its slides like butter and leaves the foam clean. im impressed. sharp out of the box. recommended.

so good…

More boards from the Pandemic series of mid lengths these are 7-6 to 8-0… All EPS, these are foam sprays, with detail work acrylic spray on sanded hot coat, covered in my favorite Max2K Glamour auto pak clear coat. 

OOOOHHH one more, this was a copy of a Lopez fun board that was all beat to shit.  Got the board dropped off at my place with a stack of cash…and said copy it, but do color work in blues.  EPS.

Yeah I have seen those planes before and wondered if they were the real deal.  I have finally mastered my little curved Japanese plane.  I use combination of two or three different planes including my Stanley Mini at differant stages in the process.

Near end, 5´5" x 19"3/4 x 2" 5/8 micro egg twin. bottom is a full belly to vee with rails channel, i hope it will keep both cruise control of convex bottom higher volume board and rail grip of concave…