posting pics

I was trying to post some pics in the photo archives of my latest boards, but I cannot reduce the file size enough to post. I'm new to the digital camera thing, and the "low" quality that the program saves as isn't low enough. Anyone familiar with how to adjust quality with Olympus Camedia software?

Hey SeayWalker,

Do you have photoshop? Sorry I’m not familiar with Oly software.


Howzit SeayWalker, get the free image resizer download from Microsoft and you problem is gone.Aloha,Kokua

I had the same problem… I think, last year! Someone suggested, and it works, to down load PIXresizer. You can get it here:

have fun and post a lot of pics for us to see.


Right, several ways to attack this one -

resize 'em smaller

Change the format to jpg if it’s not - sometimes you get pix in some bizzarro proprietary formats that are huge file sizes.

Drop the ‘quality’ in a jpg - 65% is often good enough to produce a good pic and saves a lot on file size

Crop to only a part of the pic that has what you want to show in it and lose the rest

or a combination of all .

Personally, I’d forget the Olympus software. Most camera maker’s software packages tend to be … a little strange, shall I say. And annoyingly limited.

Chances are there is a limited edition ( read as ‘they took out a bunch of stuff nobody really uses and only real graphics geeks claim they use’ ) version of Photoshop that came with said camera and software package, I’d use that instead, or a very nice free download called IrfanView ( ) that’ll do it all .

Not running windows? Ok, try - there’s versions of that which will run on just about anything more technically advanced than a roller skate and just about any operating system other than the Sinclair ZX-80 or the ( god help us ) TRS horror shows that came with the old Radio Shack computers .

Me, I use both, as I have had some problems with how IrfanView does a thumbnail page. XNView does 'em nicely.

hope that’s of use