Powdered Acrylic Paint in Resin

I have been trying to match an orange color using the tubes of pigment. Even though I start out with just a little yellow and even less red, the whole thing ends up looking like baby poop. Just to seewhat would happen, I mixed some liquid acrylic craft paint into a really hot batch of resin. With the water the resin wouldn’t fire, but a day later it hardened up. A little streaky though. So, has anyone ever tried the powdered craft paint in resin? At $7.00 a tube for pigment, experimenting with color mixing will get expensive. This may sound like a duh? question, but is the MEK sold in pints at Home Depot the same that comes with the quarts of resin? Thanks!

MEKP is different than MEK, one is used as an initiator, the other as a solvent.

Sano, usually if you get a ding: pull out all the damaged area, fill the hole with a granular Sugar, or Diatanious Earth (sp), or that non-Slip Bear Paint poly-plastic paint additive, or foam dust and resin. If you wanted to get tricky, you could add some pigment to this recipe to help in blending colors later. Sand, glass, hot coat and sand as usual. Now take some board matching water based acrylic paint and a spray the repaired area letting the color lightly feather into the undamaged area. Let air dry completely overnight. Once dry, gloss coat the painted area and polish out. If the color doesn’t match you can quickly sand down the acrylic color and gloss and reshoot. Filling the hole with solid hot resin isn’t the best way to go. It usually adds unnessary weight, cracks, leaks and falls out over time, Adding powdered acrylic paint would work the same way as the light weight additives above, except it is a lot more expensive and it will still look like cancer. -Jay