Power Planer Thoughts?

Mine just died, saw the cordless in here at Home Depot for $99…how about this one from Harbor Freight:


$29 is nice


That home depot one should be 79.00

it is at all the ones around me, in Hawaii , in south Florida and in So-cal.

Its a quality tool at a great price ,

I am not a fan of harbor freights tools, really you get what you pay for.

plus the 50.00 gap in price is worth it just for it being cordless, plus extra blades, plus battery and charger, plus free lifetime batteries…

It seems like a given.

It’s $99 online at homedepot.com, admittedly a deal at that price… But I’m VERY tempted if I can get it for $79 somewhere…

Home depot when you order something your suppossed to get the store price, so if they dont have one in stock you should be able to order one in at the special order contractors desk. When you do that it should be the 79.00

Home Depot Santa Barbara - $99

I have alot of Harbor freight tools and they are fine, just got a sweet vertical compressor, da kine, for $129.

I was a harbor frieght feak in the begining, but nothing I bought there ever lasted,

Partially due to volume, it being a production shop the stuff was used daily for long periods. I got one of thier stand up compressors and after 2 weeks they would be shooting oil all over my back wall.

I exchanged them 9 times Finally i called corprate and basically said hey look heres whats happening, for 160.00 I have used 9 compressors. They in turn gave me a new blue commerical campbell huasfield… 3 years later no issues. Thats where i kind of realized they knew some of thier products were sub par, they were willing to give me a compressor that listed for 240.00 more {it was 399.00 at the time}. I had bought the 2 year service plan and at the rate I was going i would have turned in 52 compressors. They even transferred my service plan to the CH.

Some of thier routers, same thing, balance issues shorting out after a short time. But with anything ive bought to do the same job, nothings been replaced.

The Only tool I have bought there that has lasted is a framing nail gun, Ive had that for about 4 years and use it about once a month. Oh and thier spray guns.

Your HD might have missed the markdown, i would ask about it, then if not ask if they will “meet the price” just have them call another depot. I can give you about 5 store names and numbers.

What do you make of this beast!!!

I’ve had a HF die grinder for almost two years now, works like a champ - cost me $9.99. I’ve had my vertical compressor for almost a year - no problems. Had two near top-of-the-line Craftsmen - both went out just over a year, and I can’t get parts for either. Had to toss them. This HF saved me $300. The HD cordless planer is almost 8 lbs - too heavy for me as I use it alot on a tilted plane. Thanks anyway!

The home depot one is pretty light on its own, I think that 8 pounds might include the accessories, That planer is the lightest of all my power planers.

As far as the craftsman goes, I think all their tools have been rebranded now, I have a 7 inch polisher that i picked up at a swap meet for like 5 bucks that gets dewalt/black and decker parts.

I found this list of where you can check who made your craftsman product and get the appropriate service. Also the Sears repair centers have like a 10 year parts garuntee {or used to anyway as i found out when getting the part for said polisher}so you should have been able to get parts. If not through the OEM which was probably devilbliss or CH. So you may have tossed those in vain.


I am in no way a fan of craftsman for this reason as well. Why buy a craftsman when you can go straight to the source and not have to deal with thier service centers, with craftsman you are basically adding a middle man.

When I need the part for that grinder it was 22.00 plus 7.00 shipping, when I went to Dewalt the part was 14.00 and free shipping to the location.

I think craftsman has become more like harbor freight than anything.

Just my two cents, but I recently got the dewalt from home depot ($129) and I love it! Skins super smooth, and has a lot of room to fine tune the depth. The kicker is the extra hundred bucks youd spend on it… I guess it all comes down to a cost/benefit ratio and your demands