PowerCraft Planer

Seem top remember someone looking for one.  Just came across this:  https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/tls/5280588057.html 

There is nothing here

No web page for this address

404 Error

There’s a couple extra characters in the link, just erase everything past html on the address line…


Quite expensive… I paid 15 bucks for mine.

Speaking of 15 dollar planers, I have been perusing the local swap meet for years…make that decades…looking for a skil 100.  Last Sunday I finally saw one and picked it up…a type 1 and very beat up! Only to hear,  “You can look it over, but I just bought that.”  From a guy standing next to me.  Sure enough, he had paid 15 bucks to the seller, and wasn’t interested in making a quick profit either.  Aargh.   I gave him Pete Casica’s name and wandered off.  My timing sucks.

Not that I don’t have a Skil 100 (and a 676) but I’d love to find one for dirt cheap, like buried treasure!


I picked this one up for $40 in perfect condition. I love it.

What happened to the one you had??

OK !  Misread your post.  Understood.  Lowel