pre lam leash plug

I am making my 3rd board at the moment and (for the first time) using FCS2 plugs, which are obviously a pre laminate installation. I would like to install my leash plug pre laminate as its a method i prefer. Is this possible? I know futures do one but i just have a standard leash plug and am hoping to glass tomorrow.

…yes, you can do it; however, you do not gain too much doing it; and for the 3rd board better not enter in extra complications

Good sound advice…as it relates to extra complications.        Keep it simple, for your first dozen or so boards.      I’ve never had a leash cup failure, with an after hotcoat, cup installation.       I started making my own leash cups in 1971, out of white PVC end caps, with a 1/4th inch nylon rod drilled through for attachment.      Plenty of strength, and nothing to corrode.

FCS has a simple pre-lam leash plug. You sand off the cap when you sand the hotcoat. I feel very comfortable doing them pre-glass if I am drilling the plug hole off to the side of the stringer in pure foam. However, if you want to do one centered on the stringer, that gets a little scary pre-glass. So if you want to keep it simple, either do it in the foam pre-glass, or do it on the stringer post-glass. My .02.

never had leash cup fail …but seen them pulled throught the bottom, rail saver and all…if you want to pre glass leash cup in stringer got to use trimmer and  jig  

funny everyone doing centred leash plugs they pull straight back at you after a wipe out,spouse it cause they look neat.

Once the routs are done, and the plugs are set, and the cloth is on and saturated with resin…

I like to make relief cuts around the boxes and plugs that stick up out of the board, around the outside of the parts that get sanded away. This is to give the cloth ease to settle so it does not tent (pull away from the board) at the high parts.


very nice, Jrandy!  I doo it the same way.  Also on futures boxes, it helps eliminate air bubles.