how can i produce prepreg?


Not sure why you’d want to…they seem to have been superceded by post cure resins…I think mainly for the  sake of convenience…prepregs needed to be  kept cool…like refrigerated constantly , until they were used…


Buy a prepreg machine?

Move this over to General Discussion and someone who knows what they are talking about will help you out.  Questions about how to do something belong over there.  You’ll get notice over there.  PrePreg hasn’t got anything to do with freezing anything.  Pre-impregnated carbon Fiber, Fiberglass Cloth etc. that is impregnated with resin(usually Epoxy) and thru a pressurized heating process is formed .

Check the dates - its an old thread, bumped up by a newbie’s weak attempt at humor.  Nothing to see here.  

I thought of pre-preg when the guy with the painted blank was worried about smearing the paint job, but I havent really seen that level of interest in learning among the new crop here, so I didn’t bring it up.

We have had some pretty good threads on the topic in the past, even a few videos.  Its really not all that difficult, according to the videos, but like I say, the new generation here just doesn’t seem to be seeking that type of hands-on info. If they were, they could always do a search of the archives, but even that seems to have fallen out of vogue.

That’s just typical of me .  I never check the dates.  Something that happened ten years ago could have happened yesterday.  “One day is as a thousand years”.

I wish I knew how to do it.  I could actually make a living up here if I did. Wake boards and Kite boards.