Preventing and/or reversing UV damage?

probably not really possible, esp. with a white board. 


but i am curious. forum full of experts here, outside of the jabbing for asking a dumb question, i’m looking forward to some insight. 


thanks dudes.

If you want to keep your board as new, finish it like a car with good quality car paint.

Pigmented resin


I get the feeling a lot of manufacturers spray their blanks white before they glass them. Then there’s EPS foam which doesn’t seem to yellow at all for some reason.

Recently I’ve been stripping the glass of a few old boards and re-shaping them. The foam, no matter how yellow, is always perfectly white just below the surface. From this I think we can deduce that the yellowing of the foam is a puerly cosmetic issue and has little bearing on the actual performance of a surfboard.



really? that’s interesting. i always just assumed it was weaker (not sure why). 


still ugly as all hell though.

oh and this question was spurned by a beautiful, new Campbell Bros. i picked up that i want to do everything i can to keep it lookin nice!

It is weaker, and more brittle.

Don’t forget that the foam right under the glass is extremely important to prevent delamination and buckling.

keep it out of the sun: white board bag, throw a sheet over it, whatever it takes, but only time its in direct sunlight is when you’re surfing it.

Opaque glass job in a light color or car paint. Car paint is best but a bit tricky to do as you need spray equipment.

If I wanted the ultimate I would go with a light gray urethane car paint.

Also you can gloss the board with pigment but that’s tricky also.

Lastly but not leastly is the old yellow tint resin glass job.

Have fun

The blank used has a lot to do with it.  Some stay whiter longer.  We have a poly Super board in out house that has stayed incredibly bright white.  I’d like to know what foam that one is.

I like clear boards, but they do present problems if you don’t keep them out of the sun after getting out of the water. I often glass boards with white opaque. The board will not yellow and if you have to make a repair it can be easily matched.