Preview of 6'5" Galison Single Fin

Here is a preview of a board that I am working on, Hope to glass it very soon. If anyone has a trick to keep out blush on an epoxy (Resin Research) feel free to chime in. And if you need an airbrush guy let me know, I think my guy’s work speaks for itself.

That boards too pretty to take surfing. Very cool art work. Mike

I followed the instructions on the Epoxy Primer. No blushes. Avg temp was 60-70 (it was done start of May . . . in So Cal)

Also the method I used was the two measuring cup method: draw a line (I used a line of masking tape), fill resin to the line, pour in mix bin, repeat. Measure out appropriate CC’s of Additive F (i used 1 CC AF = 1 Oz hardner ratio) pour in. Then I fill hardner to line, pour in to bin. Mix until it blends, scrape sides / bottom of container.

I noticed the resin was thick (like molasses), hardner more watery. But it all became thin syrup like.

Then I mix for 2+ mins, and use it.

If you search for blushes, main causes are excessive humidity, temps lower than 60, contaminated resin (from reused buckets / brushes etc, your hands), unclean surface (grease / dust etc), improper mixing or off ratios for RR, mix and matching different epoxy brands, or use of other epoxy brands where blushes are the norm . . .

Thanks for the info. I have been really carefull and done pretty much what you suggested but still got blushing, not on all boards but on a fair amount. But I have glassed in the winter in an outside shed with heaters. Hope this one goes good, really don’t want blush on this.

mmmm…that’s brilliant artwork.