Price Gouging Skip Frye boards

I am constantly amazed that people try to sell Skip Frye surfboards for $2000 to $4000, especially the ones that are beat up almost beyond recognition.

Case in point on the home page here:

I know that Skip doesn’t charge $2000 to shape a board, although based on the market he could.

I wonder what Skip thinks of people that he shapes boards for and they try to turn around and make a grand or two off of it.

Supply and Demand. yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah.

I asked him a couple years ago to make me a board…he said he only makes them for friends and former customers…which counted me out!


Sheesh - I was a former customer and I couldn’t even get a return call.

IMO they’re worth what some one is willing to pay based on the perceived value. If it’s not worth it to you, don’t buy it. Frankly I’d be surprised if anyone, besides the seller, perceives the value to be in the $2000 range. There’s one on eBay too.

Of course the celebrity/art crowd Wayne Lynch Evolution boards are priced in that range but they have better looking models and cool paint jobs…

Ditto…but I have seen some of Skip’s personal 7’-9’ fish that are so well done that $2K is probably cheap. I have yet to see ANYONE but Skip get the curves so right on a long fish.

My bizz partner has a 10-foot pintail Cross Country Skippy he won at a fundraiser about 10 years ago. It is hanging in his garage, in virgin condition (no wax, never seen salt water). He told me he turned down $10,000 a few months ago…He figgers he’ll wait 'till Skip takes that last wave in the sky and he’ll make a killing. I saw Skip this morning. I think he’s gonna have to wait a long time!

Skip snaked me the other day.

Should I have asked him for an autograph?

I think you should ask you what were you doing worng…


Yep…imagine what you could have made on e-bay…

A few years back, I made a couple surf mats for a guy who’d just retired and was relocating to Costa Rica with about 50 different Skip Fryes, his collection from the past 30 years. All in used, but excellent condition. I asked him what he thought they were worth… his answer: “priceless”


I think you should ask you what were you doing worng…


I was on my first session on my #1, a keel fin fish, and I was gonna ask him for a critique, but he paddled back out caught a much better wave and rode it all the way back to PB.

a good board shouldn’t hang in a garage for ten years unwaxed…

even if i would own an original simmons spoon i would take it out and ride it…

Hey. I got a nice delamed Frye 9’6"+ G&S longboard, probably dates back to 79 or so… It need a little work, but you Swaylock guys could have it in top shape in no time!

I’ll let it go for $1000.00 firm, hey my loss your gain. Hate to let it go but, gotta mortage to pay.

I agree completely…but this guy has never surfed, will never surf and can’t even swim. I told him that to get full value, the board must be surfed at least once and that I was the guy to do it. He didn’t buy it.

Don’t you think that after all the years of surfing and shaping experience, that Skip and any others in his peer group should be able to charge whatever they want? Look at the history and knowledge going into each turned rail. You get what you pay for.

In the late 70’s, Skip shaped boards for Marty Sugarman’s “Sugarman Surfboards”. The shaping relationship only lasted a short six months, but those single fin rounded pins were great boards. All the boards were quickly snatched up by the Santa Monica Canyon groms. I used one 6’8" at Government’s Point and it worked beautifully. It was a tail turner for sure.

If any Swaylocker has one of those boards, would you post a picture of it?