Printing large decals on multi sheets of a4 rice paper?

Printing large decals on multi sheets of a4 rice paper?

Has anyone tried this and did it work. Example would be to use say paintshop pro or adobe

photoshop and print a large design onto say 6 pieces of a4 rice paper through a inkjet. Then

join them on the board like a jigsaw.

I think you could make a small batch of slow resin with

say half the amount of cat and get the design down and in place, then put the cloth over

and laminate normally.

Anyone got any tips or ideas as I would like to have ago!

Heres my latest thruster built for my friends boy!

Thanks in advance.

“Spots” of design like your pictured board, don’t need to be printed all at once.

Caution: butt joining sheets of rice paper is likely to be tough, in that it will be hard not to have overlap (resulting in dark lines of color where the overlay is) or gaps (which will be immediately visible).

Suggestion: I work in an engineering office and of course we have a plotter that will do, for all practical purposes, sheets of infinite length. Some desktop printers will do this also in “Banner” mode. Hardest part will be to get rice paper in rolls rather than cut sheets.

Locally I buy rice paper in 24 x 36 cut sheets at Fiberglass Hawaii, but it can be had in rolls if you know where to go.

Also, as an alternative, do you know someone with reasonable artistic ability (this immediately excludes me) that can freehand the design with an airbrush or Posca pens?

Thanks Honolulu

Does this link look like the right stuff for the job?

Cheers Gaz

 Howzit Gazro, Kind of looks like the paper I was using but roll demensions are different, mine was 11" by 80 '. I would say to PM onula since ha has a connection for some really good paper that I've been using lately with great results. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua

I have ordered some now, I’m hoping that my HP 959 will banner print and I will try some

long decals. I find it amazing how well the inkjet works for this task, I’d love to get my

hands on a A3 printer, the extra width would be great.

Cheers Gaz

A while back, Jim Phillips posted his experience with big lams and it wasn’t very positive. Check the archives.

Large areas of rice paper will stop the lam adhering to the foam causing a possible delam later down the track. Keep your design simple and use smaller sections to paint the bigger picture, otherwise use paints.

Garzo, no need to buy some expensive printer, rent it at KINKO’s, My naked Pam board was done there, using the very large xerox color printer, very scray not to jam the printer withe the rice paper glued to full sheets of the 11x17 stock, had to adjust the color with test sheets but got it thanks to the friendly associate, cost a little much but the guy help with that too! have your debit/credit ready mine was 3 piece @ 1.99 for 1 print, may be cheaper in the mainland, Charlie is right about the over laps and gaps one must be carefull when laminating not to move the sheets, I use UV but catalized it to make sure it set under Pam’s tits at least, it dosen’t take much cat to set off UV and it started before I could finish the whole job, a few lumps but ok, one small overlap and a gap that my son NC-18 (logo) airbrushed a snake skin belt over and you can’t even tell, I’ll try to post a pic, I surfed some pretty big bumps this last winter and thought I’d broken her sever times but no creases but did get a crack on the inlay, better than the nose breaking off, the Direct glass is really strong stuff.

I guess i need to go back and see how to upload pic again…