Printing on lam paper (rice paper)

I’m starting to make my own lams now. When printing out lams do you print on the shiny side of the paper or the dull side? I can’t remember! Thanks.

It’s actually a rough side and smooth side. You print on the smooth one. On thinner rice paper, both sides may appear to be shiny.

Shiny side…if the paper has it.

How does everyone print on the rice paper? Regular inkjet printer, silk screen, or other? How do you print in white?

Regular inkjet printer use aqua-based inks and are fine for printing lams. But you can’t print in white. The only way to have your prints on a white background is to have them silk-screened, just like that:

Thanks everyone for the answer! I really appreciate it and they are printing out great!

before you cut the logo from the sheet, pin the sheet to a peice of carboard, logo side down, then spray 4 or 5 light coats on the back with white Krylon H2O water based spray paint, I have decent results making inkjet lams opaque/clear portions white. of course you have to trim the lam to perfection, mucg easier with a simple design/shape. make sure each coat is light and dry before next coat, there is potential to soak the paper causing it to bleed. make sure the nozzle is clean, splatter not good.

Very cool, thanks for the tip!

out of curiosity has anybody printed art lams onto an 11x17" piece rice paper at kinkos?

Take a sheet of paper stock and give it a light spray of a low tack 3M adhesive. (not 77) like 44. Attach your rice paper to it just before you go to Kinkos.

Have them print it then separate the rice paper from the paper stock. Rice paper will jam the feeder rollers on the printer if not careful.

I adjust the white in logo artwork to a slightly yellow tint and it looks close enough to white for me. Depends on base color of board.

When inkjet printing on rice paper set your printer quality to “good” or “normal”. Do not print in “best” quality, too much ink will not absorb into the rice paper and may run during lamination.


Good advise is being posted concerning making lams from a ink jet printer.

If you ever take it to the next level consider having your lams silk screened.

Use Full Service Graphics in Santa Ana: Ask for Mary

They specialize in Lams for the Board Builders.

Plus I’m sure they need the work.

There prices are pretty reasonable.

The number is: 714 751 5863

Thanks for the advice on the slow tack 3m adhesive surfding. I’ve printed some images on 11x17" at kinkos but did have some jam before I could get a clean print. Going to kinkos to print individual art images seems like a good option to the $15 per foot fabric printing.

obviously everybody screen prints their standard logos on rice paper but the start up fees for an individual image is too much.

How do you put the ricepaper sign on the board and how to fix it?

with the mix of epoxy resin with hardener or epoxy or hardener alone?
I wil make my sign on ricepaper with the ink printer, this ok?
And is it better to put it between the foam and first layer or between first and second layer of glass?\


 ps. I make a board off EPS 200 wiht epoxy resin hardener and glass


I hope some one can help me out!




Here is some help:  There is a bunch of good stuff if you search on rice paper.

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Hi Pete

I am in the signage industry and a surfer aswell, a buddy of mine who shapes boards has asked if we can print onto rice paper which he has given me a sample of. My question is , Is there any particular ink or printer that has to be used to print onto this substrate, I am concerned that the ink will just run when the boards gets glassed or does the rice paper somehow hold the ink in place ? Your reply and knowledge would be greatly appreciated .Regards I have attached an image of what he wants printed , I have a Roland SP540