printing on rice paper with inkjet or laserjet??

What kind of printer is better to use for printing logos on rice paper: an inkjet or a laserjet?

My experience has been that the rice paper laminates I print on my home inkjet printer aren’t as sharp as the ones I print on my office’s hi-end color laser printer. But the toner on laser lams will run if I mess with them at all after resin has been applied. I still use the laser printed lams but keep the colors pretty simple and try to touch them as little as possible once the resin is poured. I haven’t had any trouble with the inkjet lams running.

use a fixative after printing them on the laser jet.

what sort of fixative? example? Thanks

Howzit bwinterr, Epson printers that use durabrite ink work really good and you can pick one up for under $100.00(C-82). Aloha, Kokua

I just put on my first ricepaper logo. I printed with a laserprinter in the office. Some edges came out a bit fuzzy, but after covering it with cloth it actually looks quite sharp. No problems with bleeding at all. This is with epoxy though, dunno if poly would make it bleed. regards, Håvard