Pro Surfers Riding Swaylock Equipment?

Pro Surfers Riding Swaylock equipment?

Do any pro surfers ride Swaylocks equipment? Any pics of pros ripping on your boards?

Who, what, where?



What is considered Swalocks Equipment? I can’t help but think all my boards were influenced to some degree by Swaylocks… I have a couple surfers that make their living surfing… Nice people too!

i’ve had a couple pro surfers take my quad fish for a spin, & i aim to document more riding it. apologies for those who’ve seen this already on the ‘journey’ thread.

previous world champ beau young:

current number 2 australian juniour heath joske:

Ala “Quad fish, Green”.

So Oldy, what did they think?

I’m sure Beau Young has plenty of experience with fish.

What about Heath Joske?

Have you buggered up his comp focus and sent him spiralling headlong into veganistic, free surfing, dreadlocked, move out a ways to the countryside, artist, alternative instruments musician, Zen existentialism?

Taking the piss out of myself on a few of the above by the way.

took both of them a while to figure out, but not too long. beau can ride pretty much anything & heath has had plenty of experience with alternative surfcraft, his dad & brother have made sure of that.