Problem with Depth Adjustment on Hitachi Planer

I tried looking through the archives about this subject matter and found a post discussing it but it received no replies, so I hope you guys do not mind me posting it up. The other day I was using the modified hitachi planer and after about an hour the depth adjustment knob came loose and the base plate fell. I believed I got all the pieces that fell, but as I tried to put it back together as I twist the depth adjustment it is quite loose and it does not move as smooth as it used to. I am wondering if there is a piece missing. Here are some pictures of what I got I hope you find them helpful. Also I am wondering if I should install that depth adjustment pin. I got this planer a couple of years ago, but had not started to use it unitl recently and I think they forgot to send me the doughut piece that the depth adjustment pin fits in. Any pictures or diagrams of others clark foam planers and how they are set up would be truly helpful. Thanks again.

I think the doughut piece that you are refering to is a depth limiter that comes on the Hitachi but is not used after the depth adjustment is modified by Clark.

Maybe this will help. If it’s the bottom doughnut spacer ring, you don’t need it.


As Ozzy states the lower ring is optional but the aluminum “doughnut” locking ring is essential for the proper operation of the Clark-modified planer (aka: 2003 planer). It controls the amount of freeplay in the front shoe, the range of movement and the amount of handle twist pressure to suit each shaper’s taste.

The parts are still available as I understand Clark’s tech guy is running the blade sharpening service and I believe he is controlling the inventory of planer parts. His name is Jeff but I will not have his contact info for a couple of days…

Kinda wierd they shipped you a planer without that part, as it is fairly large/obvious even at a glance.

+1 is right on the money as usual. I was just looking at your photos and wondered the same thing. Where is your aluminum collar with the two allen screws? You gotta have that.

You implied it worked right before, but not after it came apart on you. The collar probably bounced or rolled behind something. Did it come with the planer? Even the best of them can make a mistake once in a while if it came without it. I’m sure Jeff can help you out.

Whether to install the alignment pin is a personal preference. Mine came with 3 lengths. Short, medium, and long. I installed the medium length in mine (pictured). It’s a great depth indicator.

Yeah I understand what the optional ring does, but I think they forgot to send me the doughnut, because I do not even remeber seeing it. Like I said before I had bought the planer a while ago when they were selling it for $230 dollars so it was a couple of years ago, maybe I misplaced it and lost the doughnut in the process, but I can honestly say I don’t remember seeing it when I got it through the mail. I did receive a little zip lock baggie with three different lenghts of pins and super glue. I will gladly buy one if it can still be purchased, because obviously I cannot use it now, I noticed while I was using it was a little tricky with the depth adjustment, luckily I was working with a huge thick piece of foam. Thanks for your quick response I appreciate it, and if you have a number I could call for that guy that would be great. Also with that blade service, you say theiy still do that even though clark closed it’s doors? That would be great if a guy still takes on that. Is it still free? I just send them my blades and they either hand me a new pair or sharpend mine right? Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for that wonderful picture, I can honestly say I don’t remember getting that doughnut piece, and while using it without it was quite tricky, I knew something had to be wrong. Hopefully I will be able to get a new piece and get back to work. Thanks once again.

If it came with the planer it would have been installed on the planer when you got it. I have a 2003 and a 2005, and both came with it installed as pictured. The only thing I did was install the depth indicator pin and knob, and round off the edges of the rear platform.

I was thinking that the blade replacement service ended when Clark Foam did, but by +1’s comments maybe not?

Glad I/we could help.

Last I heard that part of the business was purchased by the technician at Clark.

I will get a definitive answer in a couple of days.


that’s the site that the guy from clark is using…email contact info is there while the site is under construction.

hope this helps