Problems with tape the board before glassing

Hello people! After glassing when i pull off the tape i always see that resins bleeds a little bit.How can avoid the problem?Are there any special tapes that i can use?Please help me as i'm doing a longboard now and the customer wants it green on the bottom and on the rails and white on the deck....i worry that if resin will blees i will make a not so perfect glassjob.Thanks

3m #2330 tape or get some really good stuff from an auto paint supply shop.  They have great polishes and are usually super helpful too.
When you put the tape down make sure you run over it with a tongue depressor or something similar to smash it down.  I usually use the edge of a razor blade and cut my tape with the same.  Its a balance so don’t smash too hard.  Add some nice pinlines to cover up little areas of bleed.  Maybe a bunch of pins if you made a real mess.