ProBox Graphics

These are ProBox Fins that we are experimenting with a insane water printing process. The fins on the left are the before and the fins on the right are the after. This Process is so unreal that these fins could be made to look like real leather and no one would know the difference except by feel. The coating on these fins can with stand the elements of surfing and are almost scratch resistance. I would like to have the Swaylockians input with some graphic ideas because you guys come up with some pretty cool stuff. Be nice because the owner of this unique water coating process will be following this thread. Mahalo,Larry

Awesome stuff Larry!!!

Can you tell us more about the process, are you able to do that…

Could you do a whole surfboard for instance…

Hi Hicksy, At the moment I am not completely aware of the whole process, as I learn more I will explain the process.

          Yes you can do a whole board! There is a company back East that can water print a whole car at one time, pretty insane. Mahalo

Those fins are stealth.

Hi Larry,


So does this method actually print on the outside of the fin?,

whereas normally the art would be laminated inside the glass

I’d like to see florals, and you could get real creative with wood patterns.

I do my own art work on surfboards so I want Plain Jane fins.

I like the concept.

Can the end user design his own pattern? Can Joe Surfer send you an e-mail with a photo and get that on his fin?

Will the pattern wear off over time? Cost?

Hey Larry , I’m very happy with your product and your service. Just throwing out some questions


Thats really great,

have to say I really like the look of plain, tinted or layered glass in fin, all the graph on fins I’ve seen look a bit naff to me, but its usually on nasty moulded plastic fins and the printing is usually crap. Your process looks very crisp, and is def a step in the right direction as far as graph is concerned

If you could use transparent I think that would be nice. the lightning slash is classic, florals are good too, water droplets would be cool.

Couldn’t resist mucking around with this - it’s a lot more interesting than what I’m doing at work at the moment!!!

  • there’s heaps of possibilities!!

Squid_ink, It prints on the outside of the fin.

Surfifty, ProBox already does Floral Digital Inlays like these fins have, but you are right the wood look is what I was looking at also. Mahalo

Thanks mate!

nutha question, is it short run process or are there a lot of setup costs - just wondering if you could customise your board to your fins - yeah I know dream on!

There’s short runs if the company has something you like, but if not it costs but I haven’t got all the facts yet. Seeing what the Swaylockians like and what the printing company has is why I am asking for input from you guys. Mahalo

Beautiful looking graphics.

i recall awhile back Lokbox posted up some pics of these “dyed ply” fins from 101fins. they looked GREAT! i imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to replicate a similar look with this process. they were real eye-catchers!

interesting . . . you can like print on objects . . . cars . . . boards. . . tatoos. Ok maybe not skin but it is interesting.