...bonzer canted inserts ?



  yes ?


  no ?


  I know people will say


"just use the 0 degree inserts , and BUY the probox bonzer runners already "  [or the fcs ones] .  I  know , I know .




  as I have quite a few homemade UNCANTED runners , I WAS  wondering if you HAVE  made [ or would ever consider making ?] , inserts at that angle for plebs like me who like to tinker with fins . [Besides , there MAY EVEN  be people around here and elsewhere , who 'might' try 'normal' fins set at bonzer cant , just for a different feel ? [imagine THAT  ...they'd have to be mad chipfish types, or sumtin']


   cheers for your replie[s] !



good question Ben…

i’m wondering if there isn’t enough room for that much cant?

i guess you could make some fins with like 13* built into the fin then, with a 4* insert, you’d have 17* and you could adjust from there with different cant inserts.

i’m sure Larry has something worked out…


"paging probox larry , are you receiving me …

over ? "

Aloha chipfins61:

Unfortunately, that much cant angle would not really be feasible in the current box for a few reasons. First, the way the inserts are currently molded it would not be possible to accommodate this angle as the part would not be able to be pulled from the mold without going to a three part mold (more expensive). Secondly, there is no way to handle that much angle without moving the inner face of the fin off the shapers line, this means if the box was installed for a lesser angle, when you move to the greater angle the fin will actually shift closer to the rail by some amount. Additionally, the shape of the current insert would not accommodate this much cant angle. Finally, the other problem with supporting greater angles that are not built into the base of the fins is the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult to have the screws line up correctly with the notches in the fins, this compromises the compression fit of the insert and fin in the box.

So as you can see there are a lot of potential compromises that come into play that could affect the overall integrity and functionality of the box.

In the future it might be possible to support greater angles, but I’m not really at liberty to talk too much about it at this point in time. But rest assured it is something that has been considered.

The bigger question is how many people feel that they need angles greater than 8º and what are those angles beyond 8º?

It costs a lot to develop each insert angle so there has to be a valid economical reason to support a given angle for it to be feasible.

If we can figure out what angles are really needed then we have a set of design requirements to help guide future decisions.

I realize this all sounds a little vague but without hard data it is hard to fully justify more extreme angles.


sure , that all makes a LOT of sense to me , Robin , and it confirmed what I thought would be the barriers [not just financial] to them being made !  [ THANKS very much for taking the time to reply , Robin , I greatly appreciate it !]


  I guess I need to get a few 8 degree inserts from you guys [here in oz] . I also need to figure the best way  to lay up my fins at the remaining 14 degree angle [.....if it IS 22 degrees , a bonzer runner ? I'll have to check their site again ?!]


   I'm really  looking forward to trying out a heap of different fins of mine , in my proboxed 6'1 orange stubby board [ play around with a few different insert angles and fin setups] ,  this winter !!    [not long to go now .....


  cheers and keep surfing !


  ben chipper , wozzielander

Hey Ben.

Probox Larry made me some really sweet Twinzer fore runner fins that have about 10 deg. of cant built into the fiberglass fin base itself…

That’s probably the best way to achive what you’re looking for… If I change the inserts I can get 10, 14, 16 and 18 deg angles…

Future fins have cant built into the base don’t they??     Cut down  the bases of some Future fins to fit Probox  and it should work fine…

thanks kiteman ! you have a photo of those fins , showing the cant , please ?


  I'd reaaallly like to see them !


  cheers mate




p.s - unfortunately I don't have any futures fins , but yes .... that's a very good idea for others who DO !!  

Aloha Ben:


You can get the inserts from our distributor in Australia now, his name is Lance Pearson, here is his email address -, you can also contact him through our website

He has the inserts in stock so should be no problem getting them.

If you decide you want to make some fins with the cant built into the base the easiest way to do it is to either make yourself a small table with an angle along one edge that would be the base. But the easiest way to do this is to find a metal working shop and have them make you a sheet of steel that has a break in it with the angle you want to make in the base. Then you wax the steel and layup the fins with the template lined up on the break. This tends to be a little more wasteful as you cannot fit the fins together as easily to maximize the use of the panel.

Once you have the panel laid up you can run the base through a table saw or router table to get it to the exact 1/4" thickness needed, then cutout and foil the fins.

I have some of the fins kiterider was talking about so if he doesn’t post any photos I’ll shoot some and put them up here later today, got to go shape some boards first!

mate , you are a LEGEND !!


 thanks HEAPS for sharing that info ,




  yes , I look forward to seeing the pics !!


  now i'm off for the pre-dawno fill flash sesh again






5.50am here , the birds are just starting to sing and there is a HINT of light in the east [I bet my marsupial mate marty has already caught a couple ?!!]

Here You go Ben.

Not very artistic, these pics.    but you’ll get the idea…

The twinzer fore fins lined up in the pro boxes were foiled by Pro-box Larry, and have about a 10deg. cant shaped into the base…

When inserted into the boxes with the adjustable cant inserts, the angle changes accordingly…

From left to right, or from blue going to white, the inserts are 0, 4, 6, and  8 deg.   resulting in the twinzers sitting at 10,14,16, and 18 deg…

I hope I can upload the pictures… I’m terrible at it…

Mahalo kiterider:

Saved me having to take a bunch of photos plus you did a great job of showing the angles.

very nice !


  very HELPFUL !


thanks heaps Kiterider !


  which of those angles have you tried / do you prefer ?


and why ? [eg: more hold ?  more lift ? etc]


  cheers !



Those twinzer fins look awesome.

Hey Ben…     Any time…")

I’ll do  a full report when I try them at all angles…

I’m finishing 2 boards with twinzers but I haven’t ridden them yet… The boxes shown are going into the boards soon…

I like all the options though…It should be fun…

I’m also just starting an asymmetic board that will feature a twinzer set up on the long side as opposed to the large twin fin or keel you often see on that side… Just something different…

Hey Beerfan…

They sure do…   Larry did a great job !!

I might tint a couple though…