Product - Pole (hydrofoil) Surfing

Has anyone seen the kind of variation on the surfing hydrofoils as illustrated in figure 1?

I haven’t followed the evolution of this sport. But after watching a brief clip of Laird Hamilton hydrofoil surf on some channel a while back and did some light research on the internet but couldn’t find any history experimental designs that they may have tried and rejected.

The variation is, hopefully pretty clear in the figure 1. Basically you get rid of the boots and add a pole, with the surfer using a wakeboard like board which sits on a half ball joint, the wakeboard being free to rotate and tilt. The idea being that he holds on to the pole and using the wakeboard he can apply all sorts of force on the hydrofoil plane. In fact he could grab the pole and swing out leaving the wakeboard, if the maneuver called for it.

I’ve put a little bit of foil in pole so that when the surfer grabs it he knows which way the hydrofoil in directed. (As the wakeboard, being free to rotate will not necessarily tell he which way the foil is directed.)

By the way, this is not meant to be an accurate drawing; neither with respect to dimensions nor geometry of the respective parts. As for the wakeboard like board, it seemed a natural choice as wakeboards have fins at both ends - they simply seemed ready-made for the task (not to mention they’re pretty strong.)

Forgive my calling it ‘pole surfing’ - it seemed natural enough.

However, no apologies would suffice for “Pogo Surfing”, see Figure 2. (Actually I think somebody has done this?)


Of course, on those flat days, consider …

It’s a moot point but do you mean Laird Hamilton?

Yes I guess I did. My apologies, I’ll make the edit.



We developed successful hydrofoil boards back in 1996, they were for paddle in surfing (no boots) and they didn’t require a pole sticking up through the deck.

These paddle in hydrofoil boards were developed independently while livng on a remote offshore island without electricity or telephone, naturally our attempts to get some interest in them by sending blueprints to Surfer magazine met with no visible response. . . I mean what can one expect, being from gREAT bARRIER iSLAND?

Anyway if anyone’s interested in how it is done then I can redraw them for you. . . the original drawings were not copied. . . no photocopier.


Did someone say pole surfing?

OK it’s Laird Bloke here, the drawings are top secret. . . .

Interested yet ?