Proneman's Handshaped XLPE Bodyboard

Roger (aka Proneman) was having difficulty posting a photo of the XLPE bodyboard that he hand shaped.

Told him I’d be happy to post it for him (below).  Roger said he will chime in and give you the story.

Well yesterday I wrote a 3 paragraph longish chime about XLPE and the experience of shaping it etc. Somehow or another it did not post. To summerize for a first timer shaping anything, I was happy enough. I rode it successfully and so did a more competent BB rider and he liked it just fine. I have two more, 2 foot by 4 foot by 3 inches thick pieces of XLPE 6 pound foam and I think my next attempt would be more pleasing to the eye than this first one. I may mess around and add a foil to one and see if I can fly? 

For about $100 each, this stuff is bullet proof and would likely out last any off the shelf BB.

Thanks to Stoneburner (Bill) for his assistance and encouragment. 


For the first board you have ever shaped, especially since it is 6-pcf XLPE foam, you did a good job.

6-pcf XLPE is much more of a challenge to shape than PU or XPS.

Photo of Roger’s build in progress:


Gday Roger, 

That’s a big step down in length from the boards you used to use.


Very nice!