Prototyping needs 120 FCS plugs.

I need to get my hands on 60 FCS plugs.
I called FCS and they said no. Which is encouraging as I can easily get any number of the knock- offs, but I wanted to use the Original FCS plugs becuase I believe they are the best.
Does anyone know how or who I can call to get 60 centre plugs for the testing of the install technique ???
Thanks, Brett.

Curious as to why they said no??

Seems easy enough to call any surf supply (foam-ez or the like) and order them.

You can most likely get them thru Foam Ez or Fiberglass Hawaii. They may give you a quantity discount.

They said it’s because I’m not a surfboard manufacturer. But that I could go to a manufacturer and ask them.

Thanks for your suggestions guys. I’ll give them a call.

To buy direct from them you have to set up an account as a Supplier to Manufacturers etc. I know for a fact the two suppliers I mentioned have plenty in stock most of The time. Not as popular as they used to be for Surfboards-but a Big demand for them on SUPs for attaching asserories such as tie downs and Go-Pros.

Brett, aren’t you in Australia?

Yes, wants your plan ?

Sorry, wish I could help.
It just seemed to me that the suggestions you were getting were only useful to someone in the USA. Hopefully someone there can offer a better idea. I mean, FCS is based in Oz, for crying out loud. It shouldn’t be so hard to get a decent price on some plugs. They should be grateful that anyone is still using the stupid things.

The odd and unique thing about the Twin FCS plugs is that they’re adjustable so you can spread the plugs further apart or out of alignment.

Hi Surffoils-

We can easily get you that number of plugs and get you a quantity discount. Shiping will be between $25-$35 USD. Email us at with your complete order and full shipping address. We will get right back to you with a complete quote.

Thanks Brad

Now That’s service !!
Will do.
Thanks to you Brad.

Brad, Email sent.
They’re actually cheaper from FoamEZ than from the factory here in Australia !!